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Undergraduate Anthropology Modules

Our undergraduate modules (courses) are all either one or two terms in length, and are of four types. See the relevant degree programme structure page for further information on the number and type of modules required for each year of study.

1. Core Modules (1 unit)

Each of these compulsory year-long course modules is a fundamental building block of the Anthropology curriculum, presenting historical and contemporary theoretical developments in the discipline.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
2. Ethnographic Region Modules (0.5 unit)

In Year 2, all students must select two of the following, normally one in each term, to meet the compulsory 1.0 unit of ethnography modules. In Year 3, students may select an additional regional module as an option course.

Term 1 (Autumn)
Term 2 (Spring)
3. Options Modules (0.5 unit)

These courses are available to students in Year 2 (single degree) and Year 3 (single & joint degree). Note that in oversubscribed modules, enrollment priority may be given to Year 3 students .

Term 1 (Autumn)
Term 2 (Spring)
4. Independent Research/Writing Options Modules (1 unit)

These courses are open to final-year students only. Each focuses on producing a major piece of research and writing, and has a required or strongly recommended prerequisite/corequisite course. These courses require advance planning and arrangement. See module descriptions for further information.

Please note: Not all modules listed will be available every year. Please contact the Faculty Office for further information.

Running 2016/17
Modules Not Running 2016/17