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Intercollegiate Students

Since 2010/11 more restrictive rules have been in place for BA/BSc students wishing to take an intercollegiate course.  If you are thinking of taking an intercollegiate course that does not form part of the published syllabus for your degree, you must check carefully to see if this is still possible.  These are the new restrictions:

  •     No intercollegiate courses in Year 1
  •     No more than two course units' worth of intercollegiate courses during your degree and no    more than one a year
  •     No intercollegiate open option courses
  •     No intercollegiate courses if a suitable equivalent is available at SOAS
  •     No intercollegiate language courses except under very tightly restricted circumstances.

Please note that the new restrictions do not apply if you are on a degree jointly taught by two Colleges and if the course you want to take forms part of the published syllabus for your degree.  Examples of such jointly taught degrees (partner College in brackets) are:  

  • BA African Studies (NYUL),
  • BA Ancient Near Eastern Studies (UCL), 
  • BA French and an Asian or African language (UCL), 
  • BA Geography and another subject (KCL), 
  • BA Hebrew and Israeli Studies/BA Hebrew and another subject (UCL), 
  • BA History of Art (Asia, Africa, Europe) (UCL), 
  • BA Music (KCL), 
  • BA Turkish and Modern Greek Studies (KCL).
SOAS Students

SOAS undergraduate students wishing to take a course from another University of London college as an ‘open option’ must do the following:

Select the appropriate ‘intercollegiate course’ unit from those listed in Course Registration system.

Visit the appropriate University of London college as soon as possible in order to complete the necessary forms to allow enrolment on this course. Completed forms should be sent to the SOAS Registry. You should seek the necessary approval at your earliest convenience.

Non-SOAS Students

Undergraduate Students from other University of London colleges wishing to study a SOAS course as an Intercollegiate student should first check with your own college for confirmation about whether this is possible and for details of the application procedure. Then, please contact the appropriate Faculty Office in person for further details about registration.

You will be required to complete an application form which will require approval from your UG Tutor and Registry in addition to the SOAS Course Convenor. 

Please note that SOAS postgraduate students are NOT permitted to take intercollegiate courses as part of their MA/MSc programme unless specifically listed as a valid option in the department handbook.