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Virginie Rouas

LLM in Environmental Law (University of Strasbourg), MSc in Political Science (Lille II University), Bachelor’s Degree in Law (University of Valenciennes)
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Dr Virginie Rouas
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Comparative Analysis of Human Rights Litigation against Multi-Nationals in France and the Netherlands.
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My thesis is directly concerned with access to justice and business liability for human rights abuses and environmental damage. Specifically, my research focuses on the development of European transnational litigation against multinational enterprises for their activities in developing countries.


Peter Muchlinski & Virginie Rouas, ‘Foreign Direct Liability Litigation: Towards the Transnationalisation of Corporate Legal Responsibility’ in L. Blecher, N.K. Stafford, & G.C. Bellamy (eds.), Corporate Accountability for Adverse Human Rights Impacts: New Paradigms and Expectations (American Bar Association 2014).


‘In Search of Corporate Accountability: Evaluating the Application of Public International Law to Human Rights Litigation against Businesses in Europe’, as part of the ESIL Interest Group on Business and Human Rights’ Third Workshop Business and Human Rights: International Law and… (Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna, 3 September 2014)

‘In Search of Corporate Accountability: Assessing Human Rights Litigation against Multinational Enterprises in Western Europe’, as part of the Human Rights Research Students’ Conference (University of Essex, 8 May 2014).

‘Regulating Multinational Enterprises through Transnational Litigation: Opportunities and Limits in Europe’, as part of the Law Conference Regulating Behaviour: Law, Theory and Practice (Birmingham Law School, 26 September 2012).

‘Extraterritorial Human Rights Litigation in European Civil-Law Countries’, as part of the 2011-2012 SOAS Legal Research Seminars (SOAS Law School, 2 November 2011).


Member of the Law, Environment and Development Centre
Member of the European Society of International Law


Access to justice & litigation; environmental law; human rights; corporate accountability & CSR; international law; EU law; criminal law; social movement studies; African studies.