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Jinan Bastaki

LLB (London School of Economics), LLM (UC Berkeley)
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Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)

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Ms Jinan Bastaki
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Displaced and Unrecognized: The Implications of Citizenship on the Palestinian Right of Return
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The Palestinian refugee issue is one of the most protracted refugee situations. As such, there is much literature on Palestinian refugees and the rights associated with being a refugee, particularly on the right of return. However, despite the abundance of literature there are many gaps in the law that Palestinian refugees fall into, specifically refugees who obtain citizenship in other countries as well as those who do not fit the refugee definitions. This has particular implications for those Palestinians displaced for the first time as a result of the 1967 War- as they number more than 200,000 with no officially recognized refugee status- and more generally for those displaced between 1948 and the present but are not covered under international refugee law. While refugee law deals with the rights and protection of refugees, little is said on what happens to refugee rights once the refugees have availed themselves of a purported solution. This is particularly relevant for Palestinian refugees, as due to the extended nature of the problem, many Palestinians are taking citizenship in other countries when the possibility arises. My research focuses on the international law implications of obtaining citizenship on the right of return, as well as how Palestinian legal consciousness shapes legal interpretation. Through interviewing Palestinians in the US as well as Jordan, and investigating the numbers of Palestinian refugees who have taken citizenship in these two countries, I will seek to discern their legal consciousness regarding the right of return and the right of self-determination and how they think these rights relate to their wider notions of citizenship and refugeehood. I will then examine the implications of this legal consciousness on the international legal discourse surrounding the Palestinian right of return.


  • Right of Return Conference, Boston University, Boston, United States, 6-7 April 2013

  • Palestine and the Palestinian Question since the Ottoman Period to the Present Day, Turkish Historical Society, Ankara, Turkey, 28-29 November 2013

  • Humanitarian Diplomacy: Theory and Perspectives from the Field, Ankara Center for Political and Economic Research, Istanbul, Turkey, 6 December 2013

  • Sixth Annual International Conference on the Study of Islamophobia, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, United States, 23-25 April 2015

  • Southern Law PhD Conference, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, 1 May 2015

  • BRISMES/EURAMES Joint Annual Conference 2015: Liberation?, London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, 24-26 June 2015


Refugee Law; Diaspora Studies; Public International Law; Palestinian refugees