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Janejira Petcharat
Ms Janejira Petcharat
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Thai Translation of Chinese Literary Works During 1932-1975: A Sociological Perspective
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My research aims to investigate the dissemination, reception and effects on Thai culture of modern Chinese literary works in translation, in particular the Thai translations of Lu Xun, Jin Yong and Mao Tse-tung’s works.

Significance of the research findings is that it will reveal the models or patterns of translated foreign literature entering and disseminating in Thailand.

Having conducted the research from the sociological perspective, it will enable us to see how modern Chinese literary works travel across the social-cultural boundaries to Thailand and how they are accepted and impact the target culture readers. This could be useful for the study or even promoting translation of other kinds of Chinese literary works as well as literature from other foreign languages in Thailand.

Moreover, translated literature in Thailand tends to be studied as two separate disciplines; firstly studied as translation works and solely focused on its linguistic features, secondly studied as cultural products and merely concentrated on cultural significance at its own right. Existing studies on translated literature in the past rarely link the two disciplines together, whereas, in fact translation and socio-cultural aspects such as language and culture basically interact with each other and have impacts on each other.

Therefore, the research is set to investigate those implicit or indirect effects of translation from modern Chinese literary works on Thai culture which somehow have not been recognized. The investigation is also done on those explicit or direct impacts and effects of translation which might be most evident yet have not been well studied from the perspective of sociological translation.

The study of modern Chinese literary works in Thai translation from sociological perspective will shed light on the significance of translated literature, in the socio-cultural level, in the received country. It will create better understanding of Thailand’s cultural and social development which partially influenced by modern Chinese cultures. Finally, the study will hopefully also enhance further studies of translated literature from other foreign languages from the same perspective.


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